A Redefinition of the Flexible Workspace

Although most firms favoured working from home during the pandemic, few plan a 100% remote work in the long-term.

The office is increasingly destined to be a choice, rather than an obligation. This means companies will have to support their employees in this transition and offer the best possible flexible workplace.

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Oak cowork desk and oak lockers of Ethnicraft

Oak cowork desk of Ethnicraft


A chosen workplace

The need for flexibility in office design has been a constant rather than a variable the past decade. Connectivity has enabled working from home for many years, and the global COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend.

With time, employees found new habits and productivity from their home offices. Yet, remote work comes with its challenges in terms of employees' well-being and teams’ productivity. In this context, companies that offer employees choice and flexibility in their work environment will have a competitive advantage.


Oak mikado table of Ethnicraft in a workspace environment

Flexible office locations

Before, employees could move around inside office spaces. Now, organisations are expected to have strategies in place that allow teams to work and move around outside and between different office locations: Work from home on Monday, go to the corporate office on Tuesday, and meet colleagues in a satellite office for a quick brainstorm on Wednesday. 

Ethnicraft’s versatile wooden office furniture perfectly fit these variety of office environments. Our designs range from desks and tables to storage, seating, and accent tables that offer the best options for flexible working, while striking a balance between ergonomic and inspiring design.


Oak osso stool of Ethnicraft

Working space by Ethnicraft

Design with a humanistic approach

Work is no longer a defined place we go to; it’s just as much about what we do. A more humanistic approach is needed that emphasises natural and warm materials. Solid wood, combined with rich textures, will foster a sense of calm and creativity. Alongside follows a focus on well-being in its broadest sense, but also dialled back to basics of ergonomic design.

At Ethnicraft, we partner with architects and hospitality professionals to accommodate these new working environments. The result is warm and functional products created to make life at work easier, even in the changing landscape of office design.
Coworking desk and lockers of Ethnicraft
Chairs and solid oak office table of Ethnicraft N701 sofa in an office setting

Adjustable desk and stools of Ethnicraft


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