A Woollen Experience

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With chilly weather upon us,
what could be cosier than a wool rug to warm your feet?

Rugs can complete a wide range of spaces. And with our recently launched Dunes collection now available alongside the kilim range, we offer further choice in high quality hand-crafted wool rugs. Employing an asymmetric Persian technique, Dunes delivers a looser style, single knot, with a desired dense finish. The result is a more casual look with its luxurious, exceptionally soft, high-pile finish.



The composition of pure wool offers a multi-faceted character, making it the perfect material, uniquely fitted for rugs.



Wool adds warmth

A beautiful, warm, soft rug that contributes to an inviting and cosy atmosphere. Not only covering hard floors, but wool is also a natural thermoregulator. It absorbs humidity and releases moisture, making it an ideal companion all-year round.







Wool is easy
to maintain


The natural oil content of wool ensures texture along with excellent resistance to dirt and moisture. It’s natural coating makes it more difficult for stains to penetrate the fibre. As a result, wool is one of the easiest materials to maintain.




Wool is antibacterial


The moisture-repellent traits of the wool also carry antibacterial properties, making it far less likely to house unpleasant entries. As such, you can use wool rugs to complement almost any space; your hallway, bedroom, dining or dressing room.








Wool is durable


Our rugs are made of 100% locally sourced sheep wool. It is known for being one of the most flame-resistant fibres, and is a completely biodegradable and renewable resource. Wool is also very resilient to heavy use, making it a wonderfully durable choice.




Wool rugs are unique


Aside from the durable character of wool, the artisanal use of hand-spun yarns in our collection creates slight imperfections in each rug. These extraordinary irregularities originate from the natural pigment that wraps around the yarn, resulting in timeless, completely individual, colours and patterns.



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View the full collection of beautiful hand-crafted wool rugs, produced in collaboration with Ashtari Carpets.