Accessories for the Holidays

Chilly weather, heartfelt gatherings, family recipes in the oven, filling the air with memories — this means the holidays are almost here. Holiday traditions vary from culture to culture and family to family, but gift giving is a nearly universal one. The act of giving a gift is special because of the meaning behind it. A gift isn’t just a purchased item — it’s a gesture of good will, it’s something thoughtfully selected with someone in mind to make them smile and feel loved.


  To show loved ones how much you care, you can surprise them with a beautifully made gift for their home.  


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The gift of cosy

For those who enjoy settling in during the cold winter months, throw blankets make a perfect present. The soft, woven blended fabrics of cotton and wool in designs that layer into any existing décor are perfect for curling up in with a good book or with family for a movie night. Neutral colour blocking, simple patterns or solid, muted tones create visual interest with a calming effect. A few favourites are the Urban throw, Dots throw and Alpone throw.

Cushions are also a nice way to warm a living space and style a neutral palette. Painterly designs make seating come alive in the Tulum cushion collection, the Linear square cushion and the Dots cushion.




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  20232 N701 sofa 1 seater & 20726 Round Tray Table Set & 21035 Urban Cushion & 21047 Urban Throw & 20438 Connected Dots & 20440 Slate Layered Dots





Objects of affection

For those who love to host gatherings, hand-carved wooden serving boards and bowls are classic gifts. The Thin Oval boards sets, made from mahogany or sycamore wood, and the mahogany Tampa bowl set double as serve ware and décor when not in use.

Other decorative objects add a design element that layers the home with meaning. From Organic sculptures to book ends to the Houses and Cities collection, there is something to suit every need or aesthetic.





Eye-catching works of art

Decorative trays add a touch of personality, with global patterns, textures and layers traditionally screen-printed on glass. The trays not only look beautiful but also protect tabletops from knicks and scratches, making them a highly functional item with style. Popular collections include the Organic trays, Wabi Sabi trays and the new Composed Angles trays. The trays can also be hung on the wall as unique wall art.

Layered Clay wall art also makes an interesting, earthy statement. Inspired by layers found in Belgian subsoils, the Layered Clay collection, designed by Jan Lambrechts, is crafted using mineral powders, water, earth and natural colour pigments set within a black metal frame. The unique items look remarkable on their own or hung in multiples for a greater impact.









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