Andrea Lennon – The Corner Studio

Andrea Lennon used to travel the world as a fashion photographer, discovering countless awe-inspiring locations. Today, she's using that inspiration to create atmospheric interior spaces comprising character and soul. 


© René Fietzek


As a designer, Andrea particularly loves the idea of incorporating traditional craft from each corner of the world and redefining the style in a contemporary manner that honours traditions. With such shared values, it was logical to showcase our products in her Brussels apartment by organising a photoshoot.   






In her design store The Corner Studio,  precious gems are exquisitely combined with vintage and modern objects, citing the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic. This Japanese philosophy celebrates the beauty in the imperfect, encouraging appreciation of life's simple and small joys. 


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Inevitably, Andrea's ethic of slow living and passion for crafted design beautifully unite and work as a reminder for to everyone to step out of their fast-paced world, live intentionally and be mindful of everyday choices. 






While recognising that habit-forming takes time and consumption will not disappear completely, Andrea is hopeful that she can instil change by continually focusing on artisanal objects. Her wish is that clients purchase items they will cherish over time and remain part of their homes as they evolve. 


Andrea’s favourite pieces: