Dawn Sweitzer - Designer, Ethnicraft Accessories

An overflow of creative energy and a profound interest in fashion and textiles are what jump-started Dawn Sweitzer’s journey as an artist. No book has lectured her
on the mastery of design, but instead a beautiful self-quest of learning and discovery into the world of craftsmanship.



“My studio is truly the one place on the planet that allows me absolute freedom to create. I walk through that door, and the world stops for a moment. I’m completely in my element,” says Dawn about the feeling she gets when working in her atelier. It was once a mattress factory but now transformed into a creative space that even on the gloomiest days lets in the most glorious light, creating a calm yet energizing environment for her to work.



Inspired by her countless travels and meetings with enriching cultures, all of Dawn’s designs tell a story. There is no fixed formula for how the designs are conceived; rather, they blend ideas, referencing vintage and modern. The result is timeless and unique designs, each with unexpected twists.


Dawn-Sweitzer-Studio-4-star249 Dawn-Sweitzer-Studio-4-star288


These surprising and intriguing variations translate into Ethnicraft trays and accessories collections. All materials contribute tactility and originality to the designs, providing new characteristics to explore at every encounter.



“Every textile is woven with its design in mind.
Nothing is printed but created on the loom in its entirety,
giving it a unique quality exemplifying the art of weaving.”

Dawn Sweitzer, designer.

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Looking back, Dawn has successfully harnessed the overflow of energy and poured it into numerous remarkable designs for everyone to enjoy as part of the Ethnicraft Accessories Collection—all sharing the potential to subtly elevate any interior.

Discover some of the designs of Dawn: