Dining tables: At the heart of the home

Connecting with friends and family, sharing experiences, stories, tears, learning, and laughter. Some of the best relationships and memories are made around the dining table.

The dining room is one of the most important areas of the home, and the dining table, the nucleus of interaction.
With assorted sizes, shapes and finishes for every style, we have something for everyone. Creating a warm and inviting, beautiful and functional dining space, inspires us all to spend a little more time at the table.


Dining table bok - chair bok

Making a statement.

We’ve chosen some of our favourite Alain van Havre designs that will make a statement in this significant space.

Oak X

Complex in its simplicity. The X table’s sturdy, yet intricate, construction is a true work of art; a credit to the most advanced woodworking techniques. With a seamless structural interplay between the unique shape of the legs and the soft lines of the tabletop, guests enjoy the most comfortable seating experience.

50028_Oak_X_dining_table_det1_WEB (1) 50028_Oak_X_dining_table_51490_Oak_Bok_chair_21700_Nomad_Sand_rug_2_WEB (1)


Oak Corto brown


Reminiscent of the vaults within grand architectural designs, the Corto's central-footed base provides both visual interest and practical stability. The rich oak brown tabletop is crafted into the perfect shape, with unique rounded corners to create both welcoming and comfortable gatherings.



Mikado collection

The Mikado dining table has been one of our most recognisable designs for years. Its sculptural character is the result of a quest to find a balance between functionality and stability. Mikado’s legs interlock like a well-thought-out puzzle. The Mikado comes in a range of tabletop shapes to suit your style, personality, and dining space.

Mikado table Mikado table dc chair

Oak Geometric

With enriched shapes and unexpected details, the Geometric solid oak dining table is truly grand, equally at home in the dining room or workspace. Luxury comes with its length, which is offset by softened edges and natural lines. Interesting shapes are in play to add volume and practical comfort.

The backdrop to interaction.

Memories are made around the dining table. Designed to offer maximum comfort, practicality and interaction, here's to including your whole family when they gather.

Oak Air

With soft and rounded legs, the tabletop seems to float effortlessly above. The Air is a lean and strong table disguised in a simple, clean, minimal design. Available soon... 


Oak Nexus

The result of a single line that was instinctively sketched on paper in the early stages of the design process, the Nexus effortlessly merges its elements together. The detailed shape adds sophistication to a simple setting for everyday life.

Nexus table Nexus table ethnicraft-1


Form meets function.

With the ability to adapt to suit your lifestyle when you need it, an extending dining table is a great option.

Bok extendable

Our signature Bok table made extendable, to bring even more people together. Whether you need to sit 6, 8 or 10 guests, the Bok extendable is the perfect asset to your dining room.


Oak Slice extendable


Slice is a dining table with a unique character, but with a little added extra. This solid oak table can easily be extended without interrupting the wood grain pattern.

slice dining table 3

slice dining table final 3

Cosy options.

There're big benefits to gain when you live small!

Bok round

The Bok round extends to offer the perfect solution for adaptable dining within a smaller space.

Pebble chair-1 bok round extendable-1


Torsion collection

With its torsade base, the Torsion adds sculptural elegance in any smaller space thanks to its smart sizing and shape options.


Torsion table

Torision table 2

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