Festive gatherings


  Festive gatherings, whether hosted in winter or summer, have one thing in common: they allude to cosy moments spent at home with your loved ones, creating memories for the future.  





Set a table

We get together around a beautifully set table where fresh greenery contributes calmness, and burning candles transform the ambience, creating a welcoming atmosphere where everyone is invited. Solid wooden dining tables act as excellent backdrops for this setting. Such as the Air dining table, whose delicate silhouette, takes just the right amount of attention without being intrusive.


As your circle of loved ones expands, sometimes more space is required. Everyone must have a seat to delight all their senses. Extendable dining tables bring even more people together, comfortably hosting additional guests 











  Festive gatherings are about togetherness, sharing moments, and even sharing seating. The Bok bench invites you to get close and experience a sense of community first-hand. If you end up needing more space, easily make a few extra seats available with the Osso stool. Everyone should feel included.   50545_Mikado_round_dining_table_53033_53035_Oak_Osso_stool_horizontal






your body
and soul



  Now, let’s not forget the food—the comforting smell of homemade happiness that spreads as people, one by one, fill their plates. The complete ensemble of tableware is put to use to feed the body, mind, and soul, including the black tainted mahogany Striped bowl holding breads complementing the main course. Meanwhile, the Aged mirror tray sits on the side with a variety of digestifs for your loved ones to enjoy as the festivities unfold.   
  Team Ethnicraft!