How to elevate your entryway

  For some of us, entering a new year means a time of reflection, a time to reconnect with family or friends. For others, it’s a time of embracing change and turning new ideas into reality. A fresh start can set the tone for the year ahead, and our homes are a natural place to begin that journey. So, take the chance to refresh your entrance with new designs that you can cherish year-round. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.   

your entrance
with a mirror

coverimage (1)  




A mirror will instantly brighten up your space, as it reflects light and creates depth. Suddenly, your entrance will look more spacious than it is. Available in a range of shapes and sizes, all Ethnicraft mirrors beautifully combine functionality and art, so you can adorn your entrance with an artful twist.  


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a seat on
the bench




Imagine everyday tasks, like putting on and off your shoes, being joyful. They can be with very simple changes to your interior. For example, place a bench in your
entryway to support you as you tie your shoelaces or unzip your boots after a day full of adventure.


Stay organised with a console




If you’re looking for an entrance centrepiece, any of the Ethnicraft console designs will contribute to a chic style. Even better, they will all help you stay organised as you come home. Put your keys in the console drawer and leave your wallet on one of the shelves.

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Say goodbye to stressful mornings, frantically searching for your keys, wallet and other essentials. Place a small board or tray on a shelf or console to hold your everyday items so you can start your day calm and collected.



your pockets
in a tray






Keep your feet warm with a rug



  10051_Roller_Max_black_sideboard_224cm_20645_Layered_clay_wall_art_84cm_21723_Dark_chocolate_nomad_kilim_rug_WEB (2)

A rug contributes to an inviting and cosy atmosphere, and even more so when placed in your entrance. As you take off your shoes, the rug will keep your feet warm, providing you with a snug feel, almost like a warm welcome-home hug.


Optimise space with wall hooks




Easily elevate your entrance with a wall hanger or several individual wall hooks to hang your coats, scarf or bags. This will keep your floor clean and avoid clutter while providing an attractive way to feature some of your favourite and most used everyday belongings.