How to style your home office


The home office has become a space of importance in recent years, as more workers have moved to a remote or hybrid work model.


Working from home offers familiar comfort in a curated style that is unique and personal. From the ideal desk and storage space to an ergonomic chair and accessories, the home office has the potential to help you find your most productive and inspired self while working from the comforts of your home.

Follow our styling tips below to make the perfect home office space.


choose the right desk


The desk is the focal point of a home office, so choosing the right one can set the tone for the entire room. A rich mahogany desk adds moodiness, for example, while a natural varnished oak can bring an airiness to the space.


the boomerang desk

The Boomerang desk in varnished mahogany provides depth with colour and features an interesting pebble-like shape to the top, as well as a striking stacked wood-stick effect on the legs. Keep the top of the desk clean to let the design shine and creativity to flow.



the whitebird desk

The oak Whitebird desk, for example, shows how elegant simplicity can be the right addition to the home office. The lighter wood tone allows for the natural grain to offer movement, while the thin metal legs keep the desk minimal and open.



the bok adjustable desk

Or perhaps an adjustable desk is needed to keep energy flowing. The Bok adjustable desk is available in a natural oak or black-tainted oak top and either a black or white metal base for convenient customisation. Sitting or standing, or perhaps on a stool, the Bok adjustable desk provides options for the remote worker.



Find the perfect seat

Finding a comfortable and stylish seating option for the home office is key to remote work. Options range from solid wood to a metal frame to bar and counter stools, cushioned or not. With the right chair, sitting for periods of time while working won’t feel limiting.


The bok chair

The Bok chair is an Ethnicraft Essential, inspired by a goat’s slim legs and curved horns. Its solid wood design is an eye-catching addition to the office, available with a cushion for maximum comfort. Available in four options, oak, black-tainted oak, brown-tainted oak and teak, the beautiful Bok pairs well with any desk in the Ethnicraft collection.



The DC chair

Mixing wood with metal can also add visual interest to the home office, pairing the authenticity of solid wood with a more modern and sleek metal. The DC chair is airy and angular, with a black metal base with upholstery cushioning for extra comfort.



PI wall shelf


From the ideal desk and storage space to an ergonomic chair and accessories, the home office has the potential to help you find your most productive and inspired self while working from the comforts of your home.


storing with care

To keep the desk clean, elegant storage is important. From sideboards to cupboards, to shelving and drawer units, messy paperwork, files and other office necessities can be hidden away, leaving the space warm and inspiring. The Graphic, Roller Max and Stairs sideboards each provide visual interest in hand-finished details that make a statement.



Shelving, such as the PI wall shelves or the M rack, serve as refined places to showcase personal mementos as well as organisational pieces to allow easy access to commonly used items. While the Billy or Oscar drawer units easily fit where they need to be thanks to sleek wheelbases.


Personalising the office with accessoires


Any home office wouldn’t be complete without layering in interesting décor and objects. From trays that add pops of colour to artistic bookends and carved bowls meant to hold useful effects. The Thin Oval boards and Chopped bowls keep items in their place, while the Wabi Sabi glass trays add colour to a neutral palette.


Versatility to meet changing needs, the Desk organiser tray set offers a range of both stylish and practical possibilities for the desktop. Form meets function with each silk-screen printed glass tray held within a walnut holder.


For more on styling your home, see our Inspiration page.