Introducing Ethnicraft Objects

Sculptural, decorative, artistic interpretations; these are the masterful works of our skilled artisans.  
Conversation starters and something to truly admire, each piece carries its own unique story. Layer individual meaning into your home with our Objects collection.



The "Objects" collection first started in one of our specialised woodworking ateliers, where Indonesian craftsmen had a unique knowledge of producing small items from local wood species, such as mahogany. Soon enough, it was natural that this expertise would complement Ethnicraft's universe with distinctive and sensible creations. 





For this introduction, we collaborated with designer Carlo Massoud on "Cities", a series of micro-architectures. Representative of oriental and occidental influences, Cities translates into urban poetry.


Carlo Massoud


“Cities came to life following my travels to various cities around the world. Each city, through its history and evolution, has showcased the masterpieces of humans, integrating the daily lives of its dwellers.”

Carlo Massoud, Designer



Completing this new range is the "Houses" series. We believe that home matters more than ever. No matter what 'home' means to you, it is undoubtedly something nostalgic. The Houses series offer a free interpretation of buildings and rural homes. 





Home is not a place. It's a feeling. 



Artisans within our atelier also contributed to this release. The contemporary Sculptures series is crafted by our in-house master sculptor, Hartoyo. In each piece, geometric and organic shapes sublime the solid mahogany wood. Beautiful from every angle, and with the changing light of day, these pieces will layer meaning into your home. 

Hartoto objects Sculpture Espresso object


Bowls and Boards

Finally,  as beautiful as they are functional: our wooden bowls and boards. Each piece is fully hand-carved, carrying the works of our skilled artisans into your daily life.







Our Objects collection: