The Minerals Collection

Each unique table has the potential to bring meaning to your space. More than just design, these tables reconnect us to our roots and the feeling of nature.
A blend between innovation and ancestral techniques, metal and pigments, this is how our first mineral tables collections Celeste and Luna were born.


Ethnicraft Minerals collection Sphere coffee table

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Ethnicraft Minerals collection side table

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“Nature, can you create that, can you reproduce that?
And of course it’s very pompous to say such a thing... but I still dare to say it sometimes.”

- Artisan Jan Lambrechts



When artisan Jan Lambrechts started to play with natural mineral powders and colour pigments, he began a thought process that turned to form the table’s earthy tones and distinctive texture.
“When you have an idea of what to do, the trick is to know how to get there.” Says Jan. Transmission and craftsmanship are at the core of Ethnicraft’s identity.
Relying on some of the oldest artistic ancestral techniques, the mineral tables are created and shaped by hand.
Each table and pattern are unique, inspired by the lines and shapes found in nature such as stones, earth and bark.


Ethnicraft Sphere coffee table

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Ethnicraft Triptic side table

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“It has to be done with a knife, with your hands, that’s just the way it is.
A machine cannot do that.”

- Artisan Jan Lambrechts



Now we welcome the Sphere tables and Triptic side table.
In addition to the Luna and Celeste collection, the Sphere coffee tables enhance the coffee and side table range with a new umber colour.
Their discreet table base elevates the exceptional finish of the top. With its singular and geometric three-legged shape, the Triptic table is the perfect side table.
Its well-thought structure will match perfectly above the height of your sofa.


Tree Ethnicraft Luna coffee table