Moments with... Bedtime with Louise Mertens


An artistic mind always on the lookout for beauty and sophistication. Louise Mertens radiates an intuitive and minimalist personality. In both her personal and commissioned work as a Visual Artist and Creative Director, she designs visual experiences that exudes sensuality and abstract thinking.


"I'm always looking for a beautiful aesthetic in everything. Not only in my work but even in the personality of people around me."




Always on the move, Louise progressively found the necessity to make time for herself. A priority that became even more important as she just recently became a mother. In her home located in the North of Antwerp, she shares her bedtime routine.




"The little moments, the small things. You really must be conscious of putting this first. And then, of course, other things follow."





Letting go of the ‘fear of missing out’, she loves to enjoy a cosy night at home. The bedroom is a sanctuary for her self-care routines, such as reading or meditation. White walls and carefully curated furniture items form a calm atmosphere to reset from a busy schedule, juggling professional and personal projects.











" I fall in love with a piece of furniture in the same way that I fall in love with a work of art. I like to have the feeling that everything I buy should interest me for at least ten years."



Louise translates her minimalist aesthetic to her interior as well. She likes to add a subtle touch of warmer, southern, vibes brought back from her travels. Wood is a favoured material when it comes to her work and decoration. With its clean and warm look, soft touch, texture and delicate smell; wood has the power to awaken all the senses.

Her mother, an interior architect, forged her eye for detail and interior decoration from an early age. Independent but social, soft but robust, minimalist but comfortable; you can tell that everything for Louise is about finding balance.

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