Ethnicraft in smaller spaces

Location : Brabant, Belgium (The Forest); The Netherlands (Cabin ANNA); San Francisco, Calif., U.S. (Cosmic ADU)
Architect : Casper Schold (Cabin ANNA), Cosmic Buildings Inc (Cosmic ADU)
Sector : Residential, Hospitality
Photography : Milos Martinovic (Cosmic ADU)


Downsizing has gained traction in recent years, with the appeal of simplifying day-to-day life. The authenticity and practicality of Ethnicraft products help consumers and businesses realise the popular smaller living movement.


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The trick to feeling comfortable in such small quarters is smart design. Multifunctional spaces, such as rooms that double as dining and an office, for example, help to keep the square footage low. Room for furnishings tends to be minimal in a tiny house, so the goal is to find the right pieces that don’t overwhelm the house and make it feel even smaller than it is.


In Belgium, Jérôme and his partner, Olivia, built their own wooden dwelling in the Flemish forest. The design features large windows to take in the beautiful, fairy tale-like scenery, and inside, the couple chose Ethnicraft furniture that fit with the size and atmosphere of the home. The N701 sofa keeps the living area cosy, and the Torsion table and Casale dining chairs in oak add to the rustic setting.

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In The Netherlands, Caspar Schols designed and built Cabin ANNA, a tiny architectural marvel with moving parts that allows the inhabitant to change the space and utility depending on the weather. Schols aimed to go back to the basics and connect with nature, without compromising comfort and luxury. With the N2 lounge chair, the Bok dining table and chairs, and the Air bed, all in oak, he was able to simplify, yet still enjoy beautiful design.




tiny houses cosmic 2


A start-up company in San Francisco, Calif., built a tiny house that generates far more electricity than it needs. “We’ve developed a unique, self-powered home platform that enables us to build carbon-neutral, healthy and incredibly efficient homes at high speed and lower cost,” the company said.


For commercial design, standalone small homes serve as an ideal romantic locale for couples as well as a cosy place for families to bond. Rather than going bigger with large hotel suites or villas, some travellers are opting for cute, highly socially shareable vacation backdrops with the architectural structure and furnishings that make the most of a small space.


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