Storage with style

Finding practical storage without sacrificing on style can often be complex. With our expertise in solid wooden craftsmanship, we have a range of beautiful storage designs that offer extraordinary solutions. From sideboards to cupboards, shelving units and more: keep your space clear, tidy and ordered.




The personalities

These are the unique pieces. Full of rhythm. Full of character. Contemporary wooden furniture transformed into works of art thanks to our skilled artisans. The Mosaic and Graphic collections are one-of-a-kind storage elements that will capture the light, as well as your attention.





“I always try to create movement in the objects I design”

Alain van Havre, designer.



The minimalists

Pure, clean, lines reveal the true beauty of solid oak. The Nordic collection is made up of graceful, discrete, sideboards and drawers that will bring a sense of organised sophistication to any space. Refined functionality, always.


51436_Oak_Nordic_sideboard_det1_WEB 51445_Oak_Nordic_coffee_table_21701_Sand_Nomad_kilim_rug_WEB


The modernists

Inspired by modernist architecture, Alain van Havre proposes new visions for furniture design. The functionalist movement emerged in the late 19th century, associating the idea that form follows function. The Stairs sideboard and Abstract column offer renewed interpretations of this design principle.


50764 Oak Stairs sideboard - 4 opening doors-1 10115_Teak_Abstract_black_column_1_WEB-2-1


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