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Spring has nearly sprung, and that means the task of spring cleaning is coming. The right storage pieces can make the task an exercise in wellness. 

There are many health benefits to organising and cutting out clutter, particularly when it comes to mental health. The act of sorting through belongings and letting go of items that no longer serve a purpose is an effective way of clearing the mind and feeling more prepared to take on day-to-day life. Decluttering also has a mood-boosting effect, as a messy space can feel overwhelming, and in a tidy space, it is easy to relax and enjoy. 

For items worth keeping, for usefulness or sentimental value, proper furniture pieces can store them safely, and can even put them on display to showcase personal style.



For items worth keeping, proper furniture pieces can put them on display to showcase personal style.


on the side

Sideboards can hide items of necessity that aren’t worthy of being displayed. The Stairs sideboard and Roller Max sideboard can serve as a beautiful focal point while also being highly functional. 

Angular in composition, the Stairs sideboard adds visual appeal, as shadows form and seemingly change dimension of the piece throughout the day with the influence of natural light. The design comes in dimensions of three or four cabinets, in either natural oak or black oak finish.  



The Roller Max sideboard features sliding doors that are recognised by their stacked wood stick effect, an elegant and sophisticated item that blends in well with residential and commercial spaces. The adjustable shelving makes this piece a highly functional item. 




dressing up a room

Dressers can hold more than just clothes to keep a bedroom tidy. The Graphic dresser and Nordic dresser offer a unique way to store life's odds and ends.


The Graphic collection’s design can be described as a layering of triangular shapes that creates movement with depth and dynamism. Available in black teak, the wood grain texture shines, offering the warmth of the wood in a modern composition. Its three push-open drawers provide plenty of room to store necessities and keepsakes.

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The Nordic dresser is made of solid oak and calls attention to the purity of its natural timber with its simple, yet refined design. The three drawers make it an ideal storage solution for any space in need of decluttering. 



treasures on display

  While clutter belongs in a well-organised cupboard or drawer, cherished items are better served out in the open, on display, hinting at a story worth telling. To draw attention to meaningful objects, quality shelving is key.    

While clutter belongs in a well-organised cupboard or drawer, cherished items are better served out in the open. 


The PI wall shelving system provides a unique and eye-catching place to hold loved artifacts. Available in two-, three- or five-shelf units, the PI wall shelves can be combined to make a number of configurations to suit the needs of the space. The warm mahogany wood in a sleek, hand-finished design honours nature, keeping the strength, curves and lines found in the natural world. 

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The M rack is inspired by Mondrian design, based on the Dutch painter’s famous grid of vertical and horizontal lines. Available in natural oak, black-tainted oak and teak, the M rack can display items against a wall or serve as a room divider, showcasing items from multiple, unique angles. 





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