Our teak favourites

At Ethnicraft, we see teak as a cherished material.
We’ve used it since our humble beginnings 25 years ago, and it’s a wood we still value and work with today. Its natural honey brown tone and smooth texture are beautiful qualities that we love.


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Teak is durable and long lasting, the perfect material to allow for furniture to be loved and passed down from generation to generation. We take pride in our craftsmanship, as well as the timelessness of our designs, and teak’s durability offers more than a lifetime of use.


10139_Oscar_desk_10144_rack 10144_Teak_Oscar_rack_det_cut_web


More benefits come from teak’s close-grained, hardwood characteristics and naturally high-occurring oil content,causing it to be
extremely hardy and weather resistant. This is why we use teak in our casual furniture, both indoors and outdoors.




The medium warm, rich tone of teak complements our furniture designs. In fact, our natural teak furniture is not treated with oils or varnishes at all – it’s merely polished to allow the natural oils to rise to the surface, letting the distinct colour shine. The black tainted teak variation offers a sophisticated, graphic look that enhances the original design and depth of the woodgrain.


A few favourite teak items include popular designs such as our Mondrian-inspired M rack, which has been a part of our history for 14 years and counting, the Oscar collection, the Double extendable dining table and the Geometric side table.




To learn more about our teak product offerings, contact your Ethnicraft sales manager or local retailer.

Our Teak products: