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A lot of people are working from home in these strange times and have to adapt their habits but also their private environment. Here are a few tips for getting your work done in the best conditions:⁠

1. Opt for natural materials and calming colors that will connect you to nature.
2. Choose a space in your home with natural lighting coming in. Natural lighting improves wellbeing and work performance.
3. Have a plant or two in your workspace. Studies have shown that plants filter the air and can boost productivity and creativity.
4. Unclutter your desk or office. Stay productive by organizing and cleaning your space. Working in a tidy environment helps you to think clearer and work harder.⁠
5. Plan everything out by means of a to-do list and stick to your schedule. Allow your schedule to guide you and you'll be able to accomplish more.⁠

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10141 Teak Oscar desk & 10136 Oscar drawer unit & 60079 DC chair light grey (1)

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10143 Teak Oscar sideboard_detail

Teak Oscar sideboard

We at Ethnicraft have developed a number of solutions designed specifically to improve your work environment, whether in the office or at home. Crafted from solid wood, these products bring nature into your daily life. Their beautiful and harmonious design contributes to a more pleasant visual environment and provide convenient use for a more enjoyable work and life.


51517 - 59219 Oak Bok adjustable desk - white legs & 53034 Oak Osso bar stool_horizontal

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Outstanding wood craftsmanship and a handcrafted texture are the hallmarks of our Oscar series, lending a sense of originality and warmth to all pieces in the collection. From a practical perspective, the extensible version of our Bok table provides the possibility to work in various positions, including standing. The table’s height can be adjusted repeatedly throughout the day to avoid prolonged static positions, which are harmful to the human body. And our drawer units on wheels are easy to move from room to room, allowing you to turn the dining table into an occasional desk in the blink of an eye.

27046 Oak Facette dining chair & 51461 Oak Whitebird desk (1)

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10139 Teak Oscar desk & 10137 Teak Oscar drawer unit_vertical (1)

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