The N701 sofa wears a new durable fabric


Over the years, the N701 sofa has been covered with new textiles and timeless colours. The latest addition to the collection is an exclusive high-quality Eco fabric produced in Italy, utilising recycled cotton from the fashion industry. 




The design is now available in a Graphite shade that is both contemporary and timeless to fit any interior. With innovation and durability in mind, we consciously opted for a circular textile production process. The fibres are sorted and selected before being woven in a technologically-advanced flat weave. The result is an in incredibly soft feel, which enhances the seams of the quilted seating.







“ I am pleased that after 5 successful years new life is breathed into the collection with the addition of a new, high quality fabric made from a circular process.”



The mysterious code name of the N701 sofa hides a sophisticated development. For designer Jacques Deneef, the challenge was to create a perfectly comfortable mono-volume sofa. The result is a luxurious seating that is both dense and comfortable, thanks to its upholstery. 





Jaques Deneef


Jacques Deneef sketched various add-on modules, which offer a solution for every space. Whether it's a one, two or three-seater, the elements allow you to create the sofa that suits your needs. 


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