Create your own set-up with the N701 sofa


The mysterious code name of the N701 sofa hides a sophisticated development. For designer Jacques Deneef, the challenge was to create a perfectly comfortable mono-volume sofa. This result is a set of various add-on modules, which offer a solution for every space.



To create the modular sofa of
your dreams, versatility is key.
That is why the N701 comes
in different sizes and types.

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The inviting design by Jacques Deneef oozes comfort and relaxation. The subtle seam detailing in the quilted seating, contrasts against the smooth sides, giving the N701 its exceptional look.

N701 moss





The inside of the N701 sofa consists of a mixture of foams, allowing the cushioning cavity  to be evenly filled. Firmly covered with fabric or leather upholstery, the finished result provides support and ease, wherever you choose to sit.

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By combining the different pieces and sizes, you have limitless possibilities when it comes to creating your own unique setting. Thanks to the sofa connectors, every N701 element fits together perfectly. You can literally arrange and rearrange the sofa to your heart’s content.

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N701 graphite




The Blue, Dark Grey, and Beige versions of the N701 consist of soft upholstery. The Old Saddle variant is 100 % aniline leather.

Component 1 – 1-Sep-14-2023-02-02-27-2694-PM Component 3 – 1-2 Component 5 – 1-1 2-Sep-14-2023-02-02-59-8882-PM Component 4 – 1-1 N701_sofa_Moss_Eco_Fabric_Ethnicraft

Two shades are available in an Eco fabric, made from recycled cotton from the fashion industry. Flat woven and incredibly soft to the touch, this new Eco-fabric enhances the features we know and love about this modular design. The Graphite and Moss textiles are Italian made, exclusively for Ethnicraft.


Discover the N701 Graphite & Moss