Essenza Home - Utrecht, Netherlands

Location : Utrecht, Netherlands
Sector : Workspace


Creating that ‘feel at home’ sensation for employees is an ambition for most workplaces, but it remains a dream for the majority. However, the Dutch interior textile brand, Essenza Home, is different. Moving into their new offices to accommodate a growing team, they have successfully created a space for everyone to feel at ease and let creativity flow.




The first step into the updated office reveals an open plan interior filled with an abundance of natural light. Structural elements, like metal beams and concrete floors, have been left untouched and provide an intriguing industrial backdrop to our wooden furniture.




‘The year 2021 has brought challenges. At Essenza Home, there was an additional one: the new head office. Fortunately, we love a challenge and are not afraid of one. But we certainly could not have taken on this project without Ethnicraft as our expert partner.’






Apart from the solid wooden furnishings, an abundance of textiles effortlessly contribute to a warm atmosphere. Similarly, the glasshouse- turned meeting room featuring the N4 bar stools, creates a sense of serenity.






Cosiness subtly manifests throughout the office. The shared kitchen, located centrally in the space and outfitted with Osso stools, welcomes teams for a coffee or a moment to connect, and when lunchtime arrives, Bok chairs hold a seat in the communal area. As such, no one feels alone, instead everyone feels at home.


Products in Essenza home offices: