ICI, Belgium - A place to reset and reconnect

LOCATION: Marche-en-Famenne, Belgium
SECTOR: Hospitality

Deep in the woods in the Belgian Ardennes, camouflaged by nature's canvas, hide six hanging cabins that invite residents to experience off-the-grid living.

ICI is a project initiated by two entrepreneurs, dreamers, and friends; Tim Goes and Toon Haverals. Both seek to create memorable and impactful moments in remarkable yet simply designed spaces that make people reflect on life and reconnect with themselves, others, and nature.

ICI, Belgium - Treehouse - Ethnicraft Project The inside of a treehouse of ICI Belgium


As individuals or groups lodge at one of the six hanging cabins, they immediately exit the world as they know it and enter another dimension. Each cabin is a doorway to escape from the eternal rat race of daily life, relieving residents of all the extras and bringing distractions back to the essence of life. "Once you're in, there's a good chance you might not want to leave anymore," adds Toon.


The inside of a large treehouse of ICI Belgium


The two creators, driven by a mission to make a real difference and shape the future of the world and society, aspire to remind us to take stock of life, encouraging us to unplug from the noise and turmoil, slow down, and hit reset. Tim says, "In a fast-paced world where perfection and unimaginable expectations assume control, we've lost touch with what ultimately matters. We want to change that.

A stay in one of the cabins is meant to touch you and leave you with a feeling you had forgotten—or even didn't know—existed."


ICI Belgium, inside a treehouse - Ethnicraft Project


As such, simple living at ICI doesn't deprive residents of luxury. Instead, it nourishes the mind, body, and soul in ways that no wealth can afford, and that's the true luxury of nature. "We're surrounded by stunning and rolling landscapes, forests, blossoming fields, deserted dunes and beaches. We don't have to look far for real and authentic connection," concludes Toon.


ICI Belgium - Lounging area


It's safe to say that ICI offers more than the usual retreat or getaway. It provides residents with a snapshot of a simpler life in beautiful architectural surroundings—and a reminder that the essence of what truly matters is within reach. Each cabin has been carefully equipped with simple yet warm materials and soft fabrics, including Ethnicraft's Bok table, Facette chair, Torsion table, and N701 sofa, all contributing to create a safe escape where silence, peace, and nature are central.


ICI Belgium - Ethnicraft Project

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