Jacqueline Schmidt – The luxury of less

With a deep-rooted passion for bringing vitality back to lifeless interiors , Jacqueline Schmidt, a native New Yorker and third-generation artist, transforms spaces into a canvas for living and discovery; into something which stands the test of time.




Early on, Jacqueline fell in love with the freedom of owning less and living small. This philosophy continues to guide her as she creates spaces that embody “the luxury of less”. She continually surprises with beautifully designed residential and office interiors, balancing neutral palettes and select, versatile, furnishings.


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Optimising space may require structural changes, but Jacqueline highlights how furnishings also play an essential role in creating an interior that’s inviting rather than restraining. Loving natural materials like solid wood, she uses a variety of Ethnicraft items in residential as well as contract projects. For instance, referring to Liza Lowinger and Simon Issac’s Brooklyn residence, Jacqueline explains, “The matching oak floors, table, chairs, and sideboard give the space a sense of calm on even the messiest days.”

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While Jacqueline has been designing a variety of interiors for more than a decade, there’s always a unifying thread that runs through each project: they all have an intentional and functional character that brings joy. This vision applies to both residential and office design. “Since you spend most of your day at work, your space should keep you feeling inspired.”


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Creativity runs in Jacqueline’s genes, and her talent goes beyond astounding interior design to also include graphic, product and packaging design, furniture curation, and lifestyle development. Possibly, it’s this fusion of abilities that has ultimately put her on the map as a recognised designer, with several interiors featured in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

© Pictures: Matthew Williams & Weston Wells

Products featured in Jacqueline’s projects: