Mantin Heights penthouse - Hong Kong, China

LOCATION: Mantin Heights, Hong Kong
SECTOR: Home, Design

Mantin Heights Penthouse - Ethnicraft project

When TREE was asked to style a luxurious penthouse in Mantin Heights, Hong Kong’s newest residential building, they immediately had a vision: ‘More is more’. The wholesaler of eco-friendly sustainable furniture and their team of interior designers mixed and matched different colours, textures and types of wood to make their vision come to life. The final result: a modern maximalist masterpiece.

“We were briefed to design a home that was as luxurious as it was comfortable”, says Kate Babington, TREE’s managing director. Their work ended up meeting the expectations. Kate explains: “The penthouse is a modern exploration of tone and texture, primarily crafted with sustainable materials.”

The TREE team created a maximalist interior by combining carefully curated pieces, rich materials and – of course – solid eco-wood furniture. “With the ‘more is more’ mantra in mind, we wanted to create a sophisticated space by playing with different patterns and textures, all united by modernist lines.”

TREE - Mantin-Heights-Penthouse - Ethnicraft Project TREE- Mantin Heights - Study Room - Ethnicraft project

The team even purposely matched each space with a specific type of wood. Kate: “We really wanted to emphasize simplicity and unity throughout every space by using solid eco-wood furniture with streamlined silhouettes.” In the dining room they went for solid European oak furniture, like the Mikado dining table and Bok chairs, to match the neutral cool tones of the flooring. In the master bedroom the team exclusively used warm teak, making it a true sanctuary of tranquility. Dark accent pieces like the Tabwa cupboard and the Gabbia chair spread throughout the penthouse tie it all together.

TREE Mantin Heights - Bedroom - Ethnicraft project

“These clean and modern designs truly give this home its easy elegance and urban edge”, Kate says. She accredits Ethnicraft, who have been partnered with TREE since 2011. “Ethnicraft brings a timeless sophistication to each of their collections, which makes them the perfect match in this interior - but really in any interior.”

TREE Mantin Heights - Living Room - Ethnicraft project

TREE Mantin Heights - Living Room - Ethnicraft project

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