Manuport - Antwerp, Belgium

Location : Antwerp, Belgium
Sector : Workspace


How do you design a welcoming hub in an intriguing industrial environment? With Ethnicraft’s Contract & Trade department, Manuport Logistics created an inviting space within the Port of Antwerp. A place where authenticity and conviviality are central to the beautiful and functional workspace.




A meeting room, an office, a cafeteria, a rooftop: ‘The Loft’, as Manuport’s CEO describes it, is a multifunctional space. An environment with good vibes, where colleagues can relax and have lunch.


"We wanted to create a unique environment for our staff, one that allows anyone to feel at home, and one with an atmosphere any visitor will remember."

Guy Pasmans, CEO Manuport Logistics.


10269_Teak_Bok_outdoor_dining_table_10285_Teak_EX1_outdoor_dining_chair_det1_WEB 50164_Oak_Circle_round_dining_table_51490_Oak_Bok_dining_chair_det2_WEB


The story of Ethnicraft began in the Port of Antwerp, when Ethnicraft founders first started importing decorative items from Indonesia. Manuport Logistics has been a key partner for many years, handling global imports and exports.


“It’s nice to see how Ethnicraft’s furniture, which we’ve been transporting for years, come into its own in our lounge space.”

Guy Pasmans, CEO Manuport Logistics..


Naturally, we loved the challenge to create a soothing communal space together, right in the heart of the Port, between the hustle and bustle of so many colourful containers.

50546_Oak_Mikado_meeting_table_51492_Oak_Bok_black_dining_chair_black_leather_10061_Teak_Graphic_black_sideboard_det1_WEB 20329_Round_tray_coffee_table_set_21052_Oat_Nomad_cushion_20912_Ink_Linear_Squares_glass_tray_20914_Slate_Linear_Squares_glass_tray_2_WEB


The interior includes many designs that accommodate meetings, gatherings and events, such as the Mikado meeting table, Circle dining table, Bok dining chairs, Osso black bar stools, and N4 bar stools.

Another surprise is the rooftop which makes quite an impression, delivering unique 360’ views. Furnished with our Bok outdoor dining table paired with EX1 outdoor dining chairs, the terrace works for both formal and informal gatherings.


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