Minh T : A modern surrealist

Photography: Minh T

Photographer and trained architect Minh T calls himself a “modern surrealist”. Through the lens, he inspires his audience with a visual narrative that’s guided by architecture, nature, and geometry.  

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At the end of 2021, he moved to Lisbon from Los Angeles after selling and giving away everything. “You can call it the Pandemic effect — assessing what is truly essential in one’s life to be happy. Starting from scratch, I was looking for the key and essential furniture pieces that set the stage for the rest.” He explains.  


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I think Ethnicraft furniture is a perfect example of craftsmanship and timeless design.
It’s a good foundation to build other pieces around.
And it’s something that I can see being a part of my home for years and years to come.

Minh T, Photographer


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From a young age, Minh T started using photography as a medium to create art. As a visual storyteller, he finds himself in a relentless pursuit to unveil the unseen and display new perspectives. 

In his Lisbon home, the intersection between nature and architecture is evident. Large ceiling window frames cast geometric light shapes that change with the sun, almost replacing the need for actual artwork. Similarly, furniture pieces like the Geometric side table and the Stairs sideboard contribute architectural and sculptural character that effortlessly play a part in Minh T’s visual narrative.  

Minh T’s favourite Ethnicraft pieces: