Cabin ANNA - The beauty of simple living

BY: Caspar Schols
LOCATION: The Netherlands
SECTOR: Hospitality, workspaces, residential



It all started with his mom wanting a house in her garden. With no architectural experience, yet a strong love for nature and design, Caspar Schols took on the challenge to design and build such a house. Take a step into Cabin ANNA. The shed, featuring sliding walls of timber and glass, is like no other. It allows tenants to follow nature's rhythm and experience the four seasons up-close while celebrating the beauty of simple living.

Cabin Ana - Ethnicraft Project


"ANNA® is as flexible as clothing. Any weather, mood, or occasion. Simply arrange and rearrange its layers," says Caspar. Rather than cutting off the environment, Cabin ANNA leads by inclusion, merging habituation, nature, and people.

These three elements are perfectly orchestrated through every fiber of the shed, composing a strain like the rhythm of a beating heart – the heart of Cabin ANNA. The walls, consisting of four movable parts, two layers in wood and two in glass, each carried by eight wheels, make up the body. With manual force, tenants can easily move the walls and change the space and utility depending on the weather.


Cabin Ana  - Ethnicraft Project Cabin Ana inside view - Ethnicraft Project


Like temperatures increase in spring, leaves fall, and plants wither as dry and cold seasons arrive, so follows the shed nature's transformation. "In a way, Cabin ANNA is just another organism within the larger ecosystem," adds Caspar. In summer, you can lose the outer wooden shell, sleep under the stars, and wake up to the sound of chirping birds from deep within the woods. There's a setup for any season, one that can be changed in seconds.


Cabin Ana view - Ethnicraft Project


Cabin ANNA is about going back to basics without compromising comfort, enjoying the luxury and beauty of the simple life while connecting with nature and the surroundings – both inside and outside. Ethnicraft's Oak N2 lounge chair, Oak Bok dining table and chairs, and the Oak Air bed play a crucial role in bridging the two, providing a space for a safe escape alone or with others.


Cabin Ana dining area - Ethnicraft Project

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