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BY: Séverine de Lanversin
LOCATION: Saint-Ouen, France
SECTOR: Workspaces


North of the 18th arrondissement of Paris, mostly known for housing the district of Montmartre, lies the suburb Saint-Ouen that, despite its industrial history, is a gem for tourists and businesses with renewed office spaces appearing. Here, Pickup recently moved into its new 4,000-square-metre headquarters.  


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More than 360 workstations have been installed to accommodate the growing employee count of the French logistic leader and subsidiary of the La Poste Group. In addition to individual desk setups in the elegant open floorplan office, separate meeting rooms and dedicated management offices also occupy Pickup’s new premises. 


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Throughout every inch of the office space, an array of colours and materials converge to extend the company's visual identity beyond letterheads and business cards. However, the bright colour palette also serves another purpose: visually separate workstations and zones in the open floor plan, making it easier for staff to navigate work and play. 


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While colours vary and surprise, interior architect Séverine de Lanversin, opted for predominantly wooden furniture pieces, including the Oak Double extendable dining table, the Oak N3 kitchen counter bar stools and Oak Bok chairs, to ensure a harmonious backdrop to the already colourful and vibrant space.


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Surrounding most of the open floorplan office, large panoramic window sections offer employees a beautiful outlook only beaten by the extraordinary view of Paris rooftops from the large landscaped-design terraces. When the weather strikes, plenty of greenery guarantees teams a taste of the outdoor indoors in the cafeteria or the cosy nooks, suited for individual work or a well-deserved break with colleagues.  


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